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I am a Certified Humane Education Specialist, Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, ABCDTL-2, and also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, with over 15 years experience working with and training dogs. I offer a unique positive training style and rapport.


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I understand the different needs of different pets and families. That’s why I tailor my services to meet your familys’  needs, including In-Home Training, Classes and much more. 


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I think dogs are the most amazing creatures: they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.- Gilda Radner

Happy Clients

Steve and Traci
Steve and Traci Happy Customers
Laura taught us so much. She was very personable and treated us and our dogs with much respect.  I can use this training and information for much more. We can’t thank her enough.
Sandy & Annie
Sandy & Annie Happy Customers
Laura has been a delight to work with and has done an amazing job with my dog, Annie. With Laura’s expert knowledge, talent and wisdom, Annie started making big changes from the very first day! Laura is a treasure and she makes dog training look easy. Both Annie and I highly recommend her for training.
Caryl & Roper
Caryl & Roper Happy Customers
Laura’s approach is calm and gentle and it WORKS!! I like that she takes the time to listen to your concerns about your dog, and help you in a positive way.  Everything she taught me, that I followed through on, has worked!  And my dog is as happy about it as I am!

Does your dog…

  • train-naughty-dogs-200Bark at the door
  • Growl or snap at guests
  • Jump on people
  • Potty in the house
  • Chew on inappropriate items
  • Pull and lunge on leash
  • React to dogs, bikes or kids
  • Dig in the yard
  • Have difficulty getting along with cats

Guess what? You are not alone! Many families wonder how to deal with these frustrating dog behaviors—but don’t worry. With Laura’s positive training approach, you can soon restore peace in your home!

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