My Top-7 List for Dog Lovers

By Laura Boro, Senior Dog Trainer, Good Dog Walkin’

As a dog trainer, I am constantly looking for new ways to inspire, educate, motivate or entertain my clients. Whenever a new dog book, magazine, TV show or website pops up, I try to check it out.  I could easily list 101 great resources for mutt-lovers, but here is my current “Top-7” to get you going:

BARK Magazine and website:  I LOVE this one!  Esquire called it the “coolest dog magazine ever” and I agree.  It has great stories, training tips, advice on food, treats, toys, how to pick a doggy day care and lots of amazing photos!  Check it out at

Dog Fancy Magazine and website:  If you want to know more about specific breeds, here’s the magazine for you! It highlights a ‘dog of the month’ and tells you everything you need to know before you open your home to that breed. You will learn about temperament, needs, activity level, training tips and much more along with adorable dog pics.  Go to  (For all my cat friends, check out

Dog About Town NW: This is a lively online magazine that mainly highlights what’s happening in the Pacific Northwest and the Inland Empire. It features fun events for dogs and their people, day hikes, camping spots, volunteer opportunities, and what’s really going on ‘about town”.  Check it out at

FreeKibble: This site helps feed thousands of animals by simply entertaining anyone and everyone who visits the site. By answering their animal trivia questions, for example, you automatically donate free kibble to feed shelter animals each and every time you play.  Challenge your friends and family to  play every day find out who REALLY knows about dogs and cats. Go to

Martha Stewart’s Modern Dog Magazine: Martha loves her own dogs (Francesca and Sharkey) and she has put together a great little magazine and website for the rest of us, including her blog (The Daily Wag). Modern Dog Mag features creative pet projects, recipes for your dog, training tips, cool giveaways and great articles about all kinds of things canine.  Oh and be sure to enter the contests because, as we all know, ‘someone has to win’!  Visit

Dog Food Advisor:  Their slogan is, “Saving good dogs from bad dog food.” Here you’ll find the latest info on all the different brands and varieties of dog food, including your own.  They rate each dog food (wet and dry) using a star rating system. They will also notify you via email of any recall notices for dog food, which are fairly common. There have been several recalls over the past year, and I think this site is one to keep up with.

Animal Planet:  This is easily my favorite TV channel, and one of my top websites. Where else could you find shows entitled, “Pitbulls and Parolees”. . .or  “Reuniting Lost Dogs with Owners”. . .or “My Cat from Hell”.  And, of course, Victoria Stillwell is a true credit to all positive trainers. She is gentle and caring in her training and uses no force! I love watching her shows. See your local TV guide for channel information or go to