A journey of trust.

Petey arrived at N.Idaho Boxer Rescue six months ago.  An amazing  and unique white boxer, who was born deaf. Skin and bones, deep wounds, skin scrapes, wide scratches and leg injuries were signs of his life. With the cards stacked against him, Petey had a challenge ahead of him.  But with his devoted caregivers at the rescue, Petey is starting to reclaim his life. He still has a way to go, but is now eager to accept petting, attention and affection. He is also working hard on his obedience skills and the hand commands needed to direct his actions without words. Every day, Petey is making progress. He is now eager for pets, touches and affection. He responds well to the hand signals and ‘taps’ to get his attention. He walks well on the leash with limited distractions. While he is still startled by surprise ‘appearances’ of bikes, skateboards, scooters etc. he has come along way.  Petey is coming alive, is actually happy, willing to please and enjoys spending time with those folks he can trust and depend on.

Now the journey must continue. Petey has been doing so well, the next step is to get him to a home that will take him to the next level. Petey would be a great companion for someone he knows he can trust. He would do well in an adult environment, as an only dog (so he can soak up ALL the attention!) and someone who will continue to provide the structure and training to help him succeed.  Room to run and explore, with supervision, will help his self –confidence and get him the exercise he needs. Add in a place to lay and be comfy and safe with his new person/people would mean so much to him.

We feel that Petey will flourish being part of a family and accepting the roll of loyal companion and friend and his future would look brighter than ever.

We know Petey can’t hear with his ears, but he can definitely hear with his heart.

For more information on Petey and to schedule a visit contact North Idaho Boxer Rescue.