1. Use ONE word; it’s important that he hear the word over and over.
  2. When your dog hears his name and “come here’, he should look at you and come running and be happy to do it.
  3. Coming to you should always be a pleasure and reward with a happy voice, generous treats, kisses, hugs, etc.
  4. ALWAYS reward. Your dog will learn that ‘good things’ happen when he comes to you.
  5. Practice with the round robin game, in a safe indoor environment first, with a leash if necessary, have your friend have you dog, tell him to stay ( if he knows stay .. great, if not we can work on that later, if you have an adult dog, he should know stay.), walk about 6 – 8 steps, call your dog (leash dragging behind)
  6. Encourage him the entire way!
  7. When he arrives, lots of praise and treats. And then do the same thing again with you holding the leash and your friend calling.
  8. Repeat throughout the day, and move farther away (with longer leashes/lines as needed)
  9. As your dogs ‘coming’ are more and more reliable, you can mix it up. You can add distractions, change directions, back up, anything to make it fun and your dog can be successful.
  10. Keep trainings short, no more than 10 minutes, several times a day.
  11. If you or your dog is getting tired, frustrated, just take a break and do something fun.
  12. NEVER, EVER, EVER call your dog to you for something unpleasant (the vet, his crate, punishment etc.) If you need to have your dog for any of these, go and get him with the leash.